Acne scars can sometimes last for years after the acne itself has cleared up. The effects of this can severely reduce the individual’s self-confidence. Thankfully, advanced technologies are available to reduce the visibility of acne scars or, in some cases, eradicate them altogether.

Acne Scar Treatment Options

There are a variety of acne scarring treatments available at Zen Skin. These work to stimulate the skin’s healing and promote stronger, healthier skin. We always recommend to do a prior consultation with Dr. Matiur Rahman Chowdhury to customize the best treatment plan for your concern.

Acne lesions often leave behind scarring.  Most commonly, acne scars are indented, raised and/or pigmented.  Acne scarring can be treated with a variety of non surgical modalities depending on the type of scar. There are various types of Acne scars; these include indented or atrophic scars : Ice pick, rolling and  boxcar as well as raised or thickened scars such as hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Other modalities are often incorporated depending on the individual condition: We always recommend a proper consultation to assess the type of scarring and plan a program that is individualized.

Treatment options include:

  • Dermaroller & Dermapen
  • Subcision
  • Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing
  • Dermal Filler
  • PRP

Who is it For?

Anyone who has been affected by the marks or scarring that can result from serious acne. These scars can last a lifetime, but treatment at any point can help to improve their appearance.

The sheer range of treatments available present an array of options – from completely natural solutions to the most modern techniques – each of which has its own merits.

It is best to seek professional advice on what option is most appropriate, as individual needs do vary.