“Meso Botox” refers to a particularly delicate approach in administering BOTOX® injections for a particularly natural and subtle result.

Dr. Matiur Rahman Chowdhury, is well-known for practicing Botox. He has many loyal clients who appreciate the natural-looking results with the popular anti-ageing injections.

Meso Botox is a term which was first coined in the USA. After movie director Martin Scorsese complained that too many of his actresses were “frozen” and unable to use normal facial expression, actresses started seeking botox treatments which while they still work, are more natural and wear off more quickly in time for their next part on the big screen.

For further information, a confidential, no-obligation consultation with Dr Matiur R Chowdhury is the ideal opportunity to discuss the right BOTOX® approach for you.


Who is Meso Botox suitable for?

BOTOX® is a popular choice with men and women who wish to reduce the appearance of winkles and frown lines, typically around the face and neck. While this is the most common application of BOTOX®, it can also be used to treat severe brow furrow, uncontrolled blinking and lazy eyes. BOTOX® patients can be of any age or gender, and the popularity of the treatment is increasing every year.

  • “First timers” – those who have never had botox before and are concerned not to overdo it
  • Younger patients – who only need a light dose to stem the early signs of ageing
  • “Preventative patients” who are using botox as a preventative measure, to suppress muscle activity so that lines and wrinkles do not develop as they tend to with non-users
  • Natural look seekers – patients who want an exceptionally subtle look to their results

Patients needing facial movement – e.g. actors/actresses, who want to keep their full range of facial expressions, yet have some subtle suppression of the signs of ageing so that they look good on screen or in photos