‘Fat Freezing’ Treatment

The MICOOL-A™ Cryo Fat Reduction is a non-surgical procedure.

MICOOL-A™ offers superior fat reduction effectiveness with more advanced Cryolipolysis than any other devices. The cooling energy targets lipocytes (fat cells) in the subcutaneous fat layer without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues.

The advanced technology ensures patient safety as well as excellent results.

It is excellent for clients who have stubborn areas of fat which are resisting the effects of diet or exercise.

Why Choose Micool-A Cryo System?

Treat Tummy, Love-Handles, Thighs, Forearms & Bra Line. Added treatment protection with the Smart Gel Pad to prevent frostbite and skin damage plus a disposable personal hygiene Smart Liner to protect the system against alien substances and patient contact.


First, a Smart Gel Pad is attached to target treatment area. Fat layer is sucked into applicator.

Cooling Energy

Preciselly controlled strong cooling energy.


Only affects the fat layer without damage to other tissues.


Programmed cell death by the body’s natural system & gradual release of lipids.

Advantages of MICOOL-A™

  • Safe treatment
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Comfortable without any need for anaesthetic or pain medication

Treatment Areas

MICOOL-A™ is ideal for toning and smoothing a number of areas, including:

  • Abdomen/stomach/tummy
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Bra Line

How Does it Work?

Cryolipolysis uses intense cold to destroy fat cells (adipocytes) in the subcutaneous fat layer beneath the skin’s surface. The fat cells are then naturally expelled by the body’s normal metabolic processes.

Could I Get Frostbite?

No!  There have been reports recently about clients experiencing frostbite or adverse side-effects from fat freezing procedures. These tend to be the result of inferior machines or practitioner error.

MICOOL-A™ is an exceptionally safe system. It has an in-built sensor which prevents the fat or skin from becoming overly cold, thereby guarding against frostbite.

How Much Fat Will It Remove?

This varies quite widely, depending on a variety of factors, including the area treated, the extent of excess fat and the number of sessions.

Over a course of treatment, patients can expect to lose up to 25% of fat in the area. There is usually a noticeable difference in the fit of clothes. Depending on the area treated, clients may drop a jeans size, 1-2 dress sizes or see less fat spilling over the bra.

Does it Hurt?

Patients generally describe treatment as ‘weird but tolerable’ and as the cold kicks in, the sensation is naturally reduced. Some actually find it quite relaxing, as they’re able to rest, read, chat or browse their phones while treatment is taking place.

There is no anaesthetic required.

Is There Any Downtime?

None at all – patients can go straight back to normal activities.

When Will I See Results?

Results are not visible straightaway, as it takes time for the fat cells to be expelled. Results are generally noticeable around 4 weeks after treatment, with the fat loss reaching its peak at around eight.

Is There a Special Diet?

There is not a particular diet to follow, however, patients are strongly advised to follow a healthy eating regime with plenty of fresh veg/salad/fruit, lean meat and fish. Sugary and processed foods are best avoided. An active lifestyle is also recommended, with regular exercise.

Water is the best option for hydration and we do advise an increased water intake after treatment, to help flush fat out of your body. Tea/coffee should be avoided as these can slow down your bodies natural processes.

Unfortunately, cryolipolysis is not a replacement for weight control. It is best seen as an excellent ‘troubleshooter’ for stubborn areas and a means of sculpting a better body shape.

Will it Help Lose Weight?

Cryolipolysis should not be seen as a cure for obesity. It is suggested for treating troublesome areas of fat for a slimmer and more toned look. The benefits are generally in how a person looks and feels as well as the fit of their clothes, rather than loss of weight.

How Does it Compare to Surgery?

Cryolipolysis is totally non-invasive, so there are no scalpels or needles involved and there is no need for anesthetic or sedative.

With non-surgical liposuction (fat freezing), the impact is built up over a series of sessions, whereas surgery is usually a one-off.

Recovery with cryo lipo is almost immediate, whereas surgical liposuction generally involves a hospital stay with some quite strict recovery guidelines; making the non-invasive option a very convenient alternative.

Less fat is removed in a single session compared to surgical liposuction, but the treatment is significantly cheaper compared to surgery, which is appealing.

How Long Does a Cryolipolysis Session Take?

This depends on the area being treated and the depth of fat. Generally a session will take 40-60 minutes per area, but this will be advised when you book, based on your needs.